Hommage (Tokyo)



My girlfriend and I read numerous good reviews on the restaurant so we wanted to give it a try without breaking the bank. We liked their lunch set prices and made our reservations about two weeks before. They asked us on the phone where we were staying and which set menu we wanted so be prepared. Not sure how strict they are about changing your order on the day as we had the menu we said we were going to have.

When we arrived, we were immediately greeted by a polite staff member who took our jackets before leading us upstairs to the dining room. There were only two empty tables, pretty good for a Thursday afternoon, all with local diners as far as I can tell – a good sign.


The lunch menu

Food: We ordered the four course lunch set (¥6,000, a steal at a restaurant of this calibre), and my gf added the fresh oyster and uni (sea urchin) special recommended by our waitress for an additional ¥2,500. It was well-recommended as my girlfriend said both were super fresh and the dish was divine. From presentation to taste to portion size, we were not one bit disappointed by the meal. Everything was fresh and delicious, each accompanied by beautiful tableware. Other highlights were the very sweet and yummy tomato salad which came with two test tubes of tomato juice (or something like that) and the sawara fish dish wrapped in daikon (white radish). I had to look up what a sawara was because I was absolutely in love with every bite of it.

The wait staff was courteous, helpful and professional. If there was anything that needed improvement (which is not much), it’s their English. Although they did try their very best to explain the dishes to us (which we appreciated), sometimes we could only make out two or three words. Luckily they left the English menus with us. But it wasn’t like we were absolutely unable to communicate with them as we were able to get anything we needed.

Location: The restaurant is located in a residential neighborhood of Asakusa and a genuine 10 to 15 minutes-walk away from the Asakusa Metro station so allot time for it. Although it is a bit of a trek, I kind of appreciate it as you can see what everyday life in Japan is like, away from the tourist spots. The walk is definitely easier if you have a phone with data so you can use Google Maps to help find your way.

At the end of our meal, the owner and chef Noboru Arai actually greeted us at the door and held it open for us! I mean we’re not VIPs or anything like that so that was certainly a treat and a testament to the Japanese’s appreciation for their customers. We spoke to him for a bit and thanked him for the wonderful meal. Overall, it was an excellent lunch, one that we still talk about a week after. My girlfriend even called it the best meal of our trip. We knew that Hommage was an excellent restaurant and it truly delivered. It was a great meal in a cozy environment and we will definitely be returning the next time we visit Tokyo.

Visited in mid-January 2017


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